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Provincial Consultants

Through years of experience as Provincial Consultants for Canadian National Railways, the Lloyd & Purcell team has developed and introduced a consultation branch to its list of elite services.  We recognize the busy and complex schedules of our larger, more provincial wide clients and have initiated this division to assist. We also recognize the financial and professional influences of long travel and unfamiliar land survey territories within the vast province of Ontario.

As consultants we will ensure that your returns are consistent with our quality for you and your consultants to deal with.

Our Consulting Service offers the following process:

  • Meet with our client and any of their various other consultants to develop a complete understanding of the purpose of the project and advise as to the professional survey needs,  accuracy's,  timelines and appearance of the returns necessary to move the project forward.
  • Develop and prepare a Request for Proposal document and:
    • Circulate Request for Proposal packages to professional survey companies in the project vicinity with returns submitted to Lloyd & Purcell.
    • Evaluate and grade each proposal to ensure a consistent product is being provided.
    • Submit recommendation to the client for review and award of contract.
  • Set up file and initiate correspondence with awarded professional.
  • Monitor project timelines, deadlines, and appearance and report results to the client at intervals to be established.
  • Ensure product supplied  is exactly what the proposal promised and authorize final payment.

How does our Consultant Service Benefit You?

  • Reassurance that you get what you pay for
  • Consistency in proposal submissions.
  • Reduces your manpower, time and effort in evaluating, monitoring, and collecting project returns.
  • Local professional talent means reduced costs in travel expenses, better knowledge of the area and community and more convenient and expeditions return site visits for additional requests of information
  • Initial project evaluation meeting allows for the best understanding of what you need and a cursory estimate of the best approach from a land surveyor's perspective (traditional methods, G.P.S., aerial photogrammetry)
  • Reassurance that the final product is acquired before the final payment is made.

Murray Purcell named President of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors

  • On Thursday February 25, 2016 Murray Purcell will be sworn in as Chairperson of Council for the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors under the Surveys Act of Ontario. This is a one year term in which the scrutiny of Ontario Land Surveyors and the business of Surveying in Ontario is under his leadership along with Council. In addition, the term allows the President to travel as the provincial delegate and representative for Ontario across Canada and northern United States in discussions surrounding the Geomatics Industry.

R.G. McKibbon Limited joins Lloyd & Purcell

  • In 2015 the notes and records of R.G. McKibbon Limited, a 52 year old Markham based company was purchased by Lloyd & Purcell Ltd. Along with a cache of valuable historical survey information came the more valuable and talented staff including Robb McKibbon, O.L.S. Ron McKibbon has retired.

Notes and records of David Anschuetz, O.L.S acquired

  • In 2013 David Anschuetz, O.L.S. retired from professional surveying and his notes and records from 3 companies dating back to 1979 were acquired by Lloyd & Purcell Ltd.were purchased and added

Business Excellence Award

  • Lloyd & Purcell was voted a finalist for Small Business of the Year at the 2009 Newmarket Chamber of commerce Business Excellence Awards.

Value added affiliations

  • Authorized distributors of aerial photography for Northway Photomap Remote Sense Inc. (aerial photos since 1946).
  • Associate Member firm of Land Survey Records Inc., an on-line repository of historical survey records.
  • Teraview on-line land registry office user.


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