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James M. Purcell, O.L.S. and Charles W. Lloyd, O.L.S. founded Lloyd & Purcell Ltd. Ontario Land Surveyors, in Newmarket, in 1961. Both were Ontario Land Surveyors previously employed with Ontario Hydro. Together they provided land survey related services to both private and public sectors.

Mr. Lloyd retired from surveying and the Lloyd & Purcell Ltd. partnership in 1989.

Lloyd & Purcell Ltd. purchased the notes and records of J.C. Moore Inc. O.L.S., in 1991. Mr. Moore had carried on business in the Newmarket area since 1959.

In 1994, James M. Purcell retired from surveying and the company ownership was purchased by T. Murray Purcell, O.L.S.

In 1997, the notes and records of Yates & Yates Limited (Markham), a company incorporated in 1971, was purchased from George Yates, (former surveyor for CN Rail), by T. Murray Purcell, O.L.S.. The firm was renamed Yates & Purcell Ltd. and associated itself with Lloyd & Purcell Ltd.

In 2000, Yates & Purcell Ltd. acquired the provincial field notes of CN Real Estate Ontario.

2003 saw an amalgamation of  Lloyd & Purcell and Yates & Purcell under the Lloyd & Purcell corporate name.

In 2013 David Anschuetz, OLS retired from professional surveying and his notes and records from 3 companies dating back to 1979 were acquired.

In 2015, the notes and records of R.G. McKibbon Limited, a Markham based company founded in 1963, were purchased.

Today, a staff of  over 35 proud, experienced and efficient employees allows for both timely and high quality professional products.


our team:

Land Surveyors
T. Murray Purcell, O.L.S. Commissioned 1990
Robert.W.McKibbon, O.L.S. Commissioned 1991
Neil A. LeGrow, O.L.S. Commissioned 1994
Kevin S. Thom, O.L.S. Commissioned 1997

Field Supervisors

A total of 9 field supervisors direct their crews in the accurate and efficient collection of on site data. With a cumulative experience of 130 years, our supervisors are well versed in all aspects of cadastral and global position surveying.


A total of 7 technologist/technicians provide the accurate, efficient and "picture perfect" production of field generated information. This highly skilled group has compiled over 60 years of service in the survey industry.

Support Staff

Our highly experienced and ambitious support staff continues to grow. Field technicians, title searchers, and office administrators ensure that requests and obligations are met with the highest level of care and accuracy.

our records:

Lloyd & Purcell Ltd.
Yates & Purcell Ltd.
Yates & Yates Ltd. (Markham)
John C. Moore Inc.
Lloyd Purcell Tomlinson Ltd.
C.W. Lloyd
Canadian National Railway (notes only)
David Anschuetz, OLS
Anschuetz and Norris
Barcham and Anschuetz
R.G.McKibbon Limited
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